Add text to zbrush script

add text to zbrush script

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061 ZBrush SVG and Text Options
The bottom line is that it's almost too easy to do. The basic command is: [Note,�This is the text of the note.�,Command:Arrow,Timing]. Here's the. There are two ways you can write user interfaces with ZScript. You can create new controls in the ZBrush palettes, or you can create a temporary dialog. Press this button to store the current ZScript/plugin runtime to a text file. The file will be named ZTime. txt and will be in the root ZBrush folder.
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It then continues with the commands that follow after the call. The Tutorial Window is at the bottom of the ZBrush interface. I cannot make the Note command work for my zbrush 3. This helps in cases like the Picker where you have several instances of the Continuous button.